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Uber Live Chat

This is the ultimate Uber live chat support guide. I’m sure most people will tell you that contacting Uber support via live chat is simply not possible. Maybe they’re right, but what if they’re wrong? You would be missing out on a method of contacting customer service that is actually very simple. Although the ride-hailing company does not provide live chat support through its website or app, there is a little known secret to get in touch with Uber customer service using the live chat feature that some popular sites offer. Which sites, you ask? Well, sites like Facebook and

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Uber Phone Number

Uber phone numbers and contact information for both drivers and users. Most people will tell you that contacting Uber by phone is downright impossible, but that’s simply not true. Don’t believe the naysayers, pessimists and doubters, because we are going to share with you an actual phone number that anyone can use to call for help, answers, and information, but more importantly, to get in touch with a real human being. I don’t know if Uber is cool with this, apparently the company doesn’t want many people to know about this particular contact option, but I’m going to share it

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TurboTax Chat: Facebook’s Live Chat Feature is Probably the Easiest Way to Contact TurboTax

There are basically two different ways to contact TurboTax customer service via live chat. The first option, which in my opinion is probably the most common approach, is to go to TurboTax’s website to contact support directly from there. The company’s website offers live chat, so it actually makes sense. I mean, where else would customers go to ask their questions and get the appropriate answers, right? If you try contact support using the live chat feature at, you will have to follow all the steps listed in this guide, but instead of selecting the “Call” option, you will

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