Uber Phone Number

Uber phone numbers and contact information for both drivers and users.

Most people will tell you that contacting Uber by phone is downright impossible, but that’s simply not true.

Don’t believe the naysayers, pessimists and doubters, because we are going to share with you an actual phone number that anyone can use to call for help, answers, and information, but more importantly, to get in touch with a real human being.

I don’t know if Uber is cool with this, apparently the company doesn’t want many people to know about this particular contact option, but I’m going to share it with you anyway, because you’re here to get help, and we’re here to help you out.

Maybe they’re just worried about getting too many phone calls every single day once the number goes mainstream. Even if that happens, I’m sure they’ll know how to handle the incoming volume of calls.

The phone number that I’m about to share with you is an emergency support number for both passengers and drivers that will allow you to speak directly with an Uber representative.

However, I will also show you other effective ways to contact the company in case you are not able to get in touch using the customer service number below.

The “Critical Safety Response Line” as Uber calls it, is actually an 800-number, which is available in several cities across the country, and lets users and partners connect with real humans that will help them solve their issues.

You can use this number to contact the ride-hailing company only if you have an emergency.

If you feel you’re in danger, you can also use the panic buttons available in some countries – including the US – to alert the company and get help.

But, keep in mind that Uber itself says that if you’re ever in a real danger situation, you should dial 911 first, because that’s the real panic button they want you to use.

Although the panic button provides a quick and easy way to call for help, dialing 911 is by far the best option, and it works for both passengers and drivers.

How to use the 800 Phone Number to Contact Uber Customer Service

1. Dial 1-800-353-8237 or 1-800-353-UBER

2. Wait for a voice message to answer.

3. Now wait for the recording to list all the available contact options.

4. And then select an option to get in touch with a customer service agent.

As I mentioned earlier, if you try to contact the company by phone, and your call is actually an emergency, they will transfer it immediately to 911. So make sure to use this line only if you have an urgent issue.

In fact, you should skip the step of calling the 800-number and call 911 directly instead.

If your issue is not an emergency, then there are other more effective ways to contact support, not to mention easier and less time consuming.

You’re probably thinking, how can a call be more time consuming than using a mobile app or website? Well, surprisingly, it is. If you call the 800-number you will not get help immediately unless it’s an emergency.

If your problem is not considered urgent, they will provide you with a list of options to get help as quickly as possible. When the call is over, you’ll have to hang up in order to use your phone to access an app or a website that will allow you to get in touch with an Uber representative.

I’ll talk about the best ways to contact Uber customer service later, but I will briefly mention them here.

Uber’s Help Desk, In-App support, and live chat are without a doubt the way to go.

I know what you might be thinking, “but how, Uber does not provide live chat support online“, and although that’s true, I’m going to show you a loophole to get around this.

What about you, have you had any experiences with Uber customer service? Did this phone number work for you?

Also, if you have problems or need help contacting support, then please let us know in the comments section below.


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