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Hey, what’s up everybody? Hope everything is OK. Today I’m going to show you how to contact JustFab customer service by phone.

If you’re in a rush, you can save some time by simply dialing the phone number listed at the top of this page to get in touch with JustFab support right now.

If you’re eager to get this out of the way as soon as possible, simply tap or click on the number above, depending on what type of device you’re using, and then just figure out which numbers and shortcuts to press as you go.

It’s not rocket science, so I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out on the fly without the help of anyone.

However, if you’re actually having problems or getting confused when using this method to contact JustFab customer care don’t worry.

All you have to do is come back to this page and follow the steps listed in the guide below to find out exactly what you need to do when you’re call gets answered.

We’ve already done the hard work for you, that way you won’t have to waste your valuable time trying to figure out how things work.

In a few words, we will not only show you what phone number to dial, but also which numbers to press to reach support and get help in the shortest amount of time possible.

Keep in mind that there are many negative reviews regarding the effectiveness and quality of service offered by JustFab’s customer care representatives.

Here are some comments we found around the web: “extremely poor customer service“, “worst experience ever“, “horrible“, “stay away“, plus a lot more.

Despite all the bad comments, I also managed to find a few positive ones out there, such as “impressed by their service“, “they’re actually not that bad“, and “great customer service“.

I guess everyone has a different experience. As you probably already know, experiences vary between users on most sites and services on the web. So, it’s really up to you, if you want to go ahead and use this method to contact support by phone, or not.

If you think this is the way to go, follow the steps below.

How to Contact JustFab Customer Service by Phone

  1. Dial 1-866-337-0906.
  2. Press 1.
  3. Press 0.
  4. Say ‘yes”.
  5. Done!

If this guide does not work for you, please come back to this page and let us know, that way we’ll be able to help you out and hopefully you’ll resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

If you used other shortcuts to effectively reach JustFab customer care, then please share that information with us so our whole community can benefit from your tips as well.

Apart from using JustFab’s customer service number to get help, you can also reach support via the live chat feature at JustFab.com