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Today I will show you how to reach Boost Mobile customer service by phone. And it gets better, because here I’ll also show you how to talk to a real person right NOW, which is what most people really want after all, isn’t it?

Sometimes trying to get through to a live representative can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. In fact, just the other day a friend called me out of frustration after spending hours attempting to reach a real human being at Boost Mobile unsuccessfully, and boy was he furious.

But I guess it’s understandable, I mean, who wouldn’t get mad or lose their cool after spending several hours interacting with a robot that doesn’t get what your problem or need actually is?

You can waste your valuable time interacting with a robot all day long if you want, and if you’re patient enough and follow all the provided instructions to the tee, you will end up reaching a real human customer service representative at some point, but by then it may be too late, or you can follow these steps to get a real person on the line right now!

How to Talk to a Real Person at Boost Mobile Customer Service

There are two known, effective ways to contact a real person at Boost, however, both methods require you to use the same phone number, what changes are the numbers you have to press to get through the automated phone system. In other words, same number, two different processes, check them out below:

Option #1

  1. Call 1-888-266-7848
  2. Enter your number when prompted or press asterisk (*).
  3. When the new questions begin press “4”.
  4. When the robot starts talking again press “0”.
  5. And then press “2”.
  6. Now just wait for an agent to take your call.

Option #2

  1. Dial the same number in step 1 of the first option.
  2. When the automated phone system begins press “5”.
  3. At the next prompt press “2” to launch a new set of questions.
  4. When the new set of questions starts press “4”.
  5. Now when the talking begins again you will have to wait until you get through all the menu options, and then you’ll have to wait a little bit more until prompted to talk to a live rep.
  6. Press “0”.
  7. Press “2”.
  8. And now just wait for an agent to take your call.

When someone takes your call, tell that person what your need or problem is right away. If by any chance you pressed the wrong numbers and your call was transferred to the wrong customer service area, ask them to please transfer your call to the appropriate one, it will only take them a couple of seconds.

Talking to a real person at Boost Mobile is easy if you follow the right steps, it’s also fast, but make sure to call at the right time otherwise you’ll end up wasting a lot of valuable time. You can view their hours of operation here.


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